About Me


Prior to finding the home based business arena and specifically Network Marketing/MLM, I had a pretty interesting life which I will add to this "about me" page when I get more time as I am trying to get this site built first.


I have been in the home-based business, Network Marketing, MLM industry since 1990.  I have been marketing OFF-line since taht time and ON-line since about 2005.


I care about people greatly which is why I love this industry because you get to make money AND at the same time have the opportunity to change peoples lives potentially, in a BIG way.


This is what I love to do... work with people, make them better, help them make more money, have TIME & FINANCIAL FREEDOM and simply ENJOY life!


Not a bad deal.


I will add more to this page when I get the rest of the site to where it is acceptable, until then take care.