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Welcome to AmericaOpinion with Lee Bane

Below, is a Brief Introduction Video to America Opinion and My Beliefs.

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THANK YOU for Your Interest in Me and My Work. I have created this blog post as a sort of a "holding tank" that everyone can learn a little more about me while I actively create my global presence. Please feel free to browse around by reading more below in addition to visiting my links as well. Enjoy.

A Little About Me

I am a Happily Married (since 1987), Christian, Pro-Life, Conservative, Republican, Marine Corps Veteran who LOVES the USA. However, I am deeply concerned with so many things that are going on around me in America and around the world.

I was NEVER involved with politics until 2015-16 when I noticed, first-hand the direction America was going and, I am shocked to say... since then, America (and the world for that matter) has gotten worse.. all of the way toward socialism and even the verge of communism. It is fine if you do not believe me, but if you believe in FREE SPEECH, maybe you should hear me out and maybe get to know me better.

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Thank you so much for taking precious time out of your busy life.

Lee Bane



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