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Below, is a Brief Introduction Video to America Opinion and My Beliefs.

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NAME? FREE Event, ONLINE (Live Stream) Eventually In-Person Presentation/Meeting to Save America

WHEN? Saturday 4/13/2024 09:00 AM PST (12:00 PM EST)


In-Person: I will be providing details soon so we can meet IN-PERSON in Murrieta, CA.

Do You Live Near Murrieta, CA?

We would also like to meet you IN-PERSON soon so we can create a personal relationship with you. If you are open to meeting in-person the next time we have an in-person meeting in Murrieta, CA, please CLICK HERE to let us know. Thank you.


If at any point, you feel that what I am sharing offends you, PLEASE dis-engage. This presentation is for like-minded individuals who feel AMERICA IS HEADING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION AND AMERICA MUST BE SAVED.

DON'T WANT TO TRY TO CONVINCE ANYONE OR MAKE ANYONE ANGRY. I know I probably will not be able to "convince" anyone because we are all "stuck in our ways" for the most part. I have had many conversation's with liberals' and Democrats and I can talk until I am blue in the face and it will probably not make a difference. The bottom line is... if you don't see what is happening to our country by now, you probably will not ever see it until it is too late.


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THANK YOU for Your Interest in Me and My Work. I have created this blog post as a sort of a "holding tank" that everyone can learn a little more about me while I actively create my global presence. Please feel free to browse around by reading more below in addition to visiting my links as well. Enjoy.

A Little About Me

I am Happily Married (since 1987), Christian, Pro-Life, Conservative, Republican, Marine Corps Veteran who LOVES the USA. However, I am deeply concerned with so many things that are going on around me in America and around the world.

I was NEVER involved with politics until 2015-16 when I noticed, first-hand the direction America was going and, I am shocked to say... since then, America (and the world for that matter) has gotten worse.. all of the way toward socialism and even the verge of communism. It is fine if you do not believe me, but if you believe in FREE SPEECH, maybe you should hear me out and maybe get to know me better.

Let's Meet Face-To-Face - Volunteer Chapter with 'Act for America'

Because of the CENSORSHIP that is occurring ONLINE (social media site like Fakebook as well as everything Google, and more) and on mainstream news, I am adding a personal, face-to-face touch to my cause.

WHY? Here's why... Voting one way or the other on a whim, without KNOWING why/who you are voting for is A BAD IDEA and is DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!

The "Average Person" Story

The average person that is simply trying to make a living is being half-truthed and LIED to and they don't even know it.

  • They get up in the morning to get ready for work and turn on the news to see what the latest is... THEY ARE LIED TO!

  • They get in the car to drive to work and turn on the news...THEY ARE LIED TO!

  • They drop their kids off to school to no longer be educated, but BRAINWASHED!

  • They get to work and are BRAINWASHED.

  • They get in the car to go home and turn on the news... THEY ARE LIED TO!

  • They get home from a long day and turn on the TV... THEY ARE LIED TO!

  • They get up the next day and do it over again and again.


I am volunteering to create a local, grassroots chapter with Act for America in which will will meet face-to-face to...

  • EDUCATE the average citizen on "the other side of the story". EVERY TOPIC is on the table, however then main topics will be...

    • The importance of meeting face-to-face

    • Election Integrity & Censorship

    • Protecting of kids & the education system

    • Border Security

  • TAKE ACTION - By meeting face-to-face and educating our members, we will be able to SPREAD TRUTH to overcome the LIES being told.

You can learn more by visiting the Facebook page below.

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Thank you so much for taking precious time out of your busy life.

Lee Bane


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